Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goals for 2009

... a new year
... a chance for making life better than it was last year
(this will be a challenge considering how great last year was...)

so i've resolved that my focus will be on the details...
the things that i have to remember to think about.

anyhow - this isn't the start of a list of resolutions -
it's an ongoing list to be updated as frequently as needed...
list of things i am doing to make my life better...
and consequently, hopefully making better the life of others?
(one can only hope and dream, right?)

now my list:
1.)  i will not be buying commercially made household cleaners, if i can find a way to make them myself (in a way and using ingredients that are healthier for me, dear husband, furbaby carter, and the earth itself)
2.)  we will continue to use "real" plates/dishes/cups (i.e. no paper, plastic, disposable)
3.)  we will not buy bottled water
4.)  we will reduce our use of paper towels (this is my newest endeavor - we just started using "unpaper" towels.  there is a stack on the counter, and a mini "trashcan" just for them.  these will be washed and re-stacked as necessary...)
5.)  kitchen appliances that do not need to be plugged in continuously will be unplugged when not in use

this is not the end of the list - just the beginning...


kristyk512 said...

I'm pretty sure we have the same resolution list. Are you living in my head?

Liz said...

(i think you're the only person reading my blog)... and yes - i live in your head. it's getting crowded.